2019’s Best Selling Cars In The World So Far

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We try not to have a myopic view of the car world. It’s easy to think the country that you’re based in is the center of the universe, but the world is round and sales are global.

At the same time, models don’t make it to every market but, as we’ll see in this list, the cars in the top ten tend to be sold far and wide. There are a few exceptions though, and that’s not all that makes this list marking the first part of the year so fascinating.

The numbers we’ve used here come from the Global Auto Database and from the beginning of the year through May. 

1. Toyota Corolla – 282,637

2. Ford F-Series – 252,013

3. Honda Civic – 203,103

4. Honda CR-V – 190,319

5. Toyota RAV4 – 190,118

6. Volkswagen Golf – 177,503

7. Volkswagen Tiguan – 173,058

8. Volkswagen Polo – 167,888

9. Toyota Camry – 164,158

10. Volkswagen Lavida – 143,686


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