5 Pictures Of Cars That Were Abandoned At Airports.

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People dream of owning Lamborghinis. They’ve represented status and high performance for car enthusiasts around the world. It’s no mystery then that this Lamborghini Gallardo left at an airport is surely going to surprise readers. Upon careful inspection, one can see the thick layer of dust collected on its windshield, signaling its long-lasting neglect. According to Top Speed, these exotic cars can do 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds, which is also the amount of time it would take to find a new owner for it. It wouldn’t be surprising to still find the car parked there, as officials can’t believe what they see and don’t know what to do with it.

When cars sit around long enough, people start to notice. This Acura NSX was the victim of someone’s fingers tracing out “Wash Me” humorously on the dusty windshield. More than likely, the original owner doesn’t care and will probably never know.
As Everipedia notes, the NSX sports 17-inch OZ wheels and appear to be the only alteration made.
One has to wonder why the original owner dumped it here and didn’t try to get anything for it—that is, if he did it intentionally. Otherwise, it seems like a perfectly decent ride the owner misplaced and looks like it still operates.

3.2009 BMW
One of the nicer luxury cars listed here is this BMW. According to The Boston Herald, they found this abandoned BMW at Logan International Airport in Massachusetts. What’s surprising is that it’s not the only car left there. The outlet goes on to report there was a total of 95 cars found in all. It makes one wonder whether they belonged to only a few owners or if they really each had individual ones. They even suspect that certain cars were sitting there for almost six years without moving. As a result, all those cars went to auction, and someone lucky probably got this BMW for a good deal.

Not only does this Cressida look bent out of shape and abandoned, but it also doesn’t even look like it’s sitting in an actual parking space.
According to IOL, this Cressida has been laying low in Johannesburg. It’s part of a series of abandoned cars across the city; IOL reports about one that’s been there a whopping 15 years.
In the airport, they ended up finding over 70 cars lying around just like this Cressida. There may not be any luxury or exotic cars like one might find in Dubai, but they’re still cars that can probably still run and are just lying around.

It’s not uncommon to hear about abandoned cars cropping up in places like Dubai. While North America has plenty of abandoned cars lying around in airports and parking garages across the country, most of those cars aren’t as nice as the ones found in Dubai.
This particular car has a Proton logo on the front grille and, according to Sell Car Get Cash, was abandoned and up for auction.
Based in Malaysia, website Facts and Details reports it’s one of the country’s leading car manufacturers. In spite of the cachet behind this car, it was ultimately left behind in Dubai and went to the highest bidder.

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