Aston Martin Could Call Its Next Supercar ‘Valen’

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Aston Martin has a slew of new models in the pipeline, and it’s going to need names to slap on each of them. Now we have an early indication of what the next one (or the one after that) could be called.

AutoGuide reports that the British automaker has registered the name “Valen” with intellectual-property offices in the UK and abroad. The name draws from the Latin word for “strong” or “powerful,” so it would seem fitting for a high-output vehicle of the type for which Aston is known. The question is, to what might it apply the name?

The most obvious answer would seem to be the AM-RB 003 – a mid-engined supercar shown in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show to take on the likes of the McLaren 720S, Ferrari F8 Tributo, and Lamborghini Huracan. 

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