Autonomous Braking: Harley-Davidson’s On It

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Autonomous braking isn’t a novelty in the transportation industry: cars have been fitted with different iterations of the system for a few years already. Bikes, however, have been left a little behind in terms of safety technologies.

The all-American company has filed a patent for a rider-assist emergency braking system. This means future Harleys would be able to provide assistance and brake for the rider in emergency situations.

H-D’s system could even take things a notch further than to simply detect sudden braking at the front. Sensors located in the handles and in the seat would ensure the rider is seated properly and that both hands are in place on the handlebar. Cognition sensors located on the instrument cluster—or even directly into the helmet—would track the rider’s eyes, meaning the system will also monitor whether he is prepared for emergency braking. If within 200 to 500 meters, or 700 feet, the rider doesn’t react, the system will then step in.

Harley isn’t the only company working on such a technology—Honda is as well.

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