The Avtoros Shaman Could Be The Biggest SUV Ever To Feature On Top Gear

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It’s called the Shaman, and it’s made by Russian manufacturer Avtoros. It measures over six meters (>20 feet) long – about half a meter longer than the big Benz. 

It also has more wheels than the 6×6. Two more, to be specific. They’re each driven, of course, but they also each steer, helping to reduce what would otherwise be an insurmountable turning circle. Each of those 1185-mm tires is nearly four feet tall (a foot taller than the big G’s), giving it 450 mm (about a foot and a half) of ground clearance.

And as you might have guessed, it’s heavy. “Up to 4,000 kg,” according to the manufacturer. That’s over 8,800 pounds, or roughly the same weight as the G63 6×6.

Instead Avtoros fitted it with an Iveco F1C engine – a 3.0-liter diesel inline-four producing all of 170 horsepower (127 kW).

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