When beauty is mixed with speed

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Today’s bike of the day is the exceptional Aprilia RSV4. This machine is a beautifully-balanced technology-packed Italian missile.

It’s monstrously fast, immense and confidence-inspiring in the corners and it looks excellent. It also sounds even better and is just fun to ride.

With a 998cc engine producing 180bhp and 85ftlb of torque, the bike is capable of 180mph and – despite a rather lacklustre fuel consumption of 32mpg – this is a quality piece of kit.

Early RSV4s suffered with conrods breaking, however Aprilia have confirmed that this problem has since been rectified.

At the time, it was also £500 cheaper than a base model Ducati 1198. It was always more expensive than a Japanese 1000, but because of its devilish speed and superb handling we think it’s worth every penny.

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