Bike of the day: Honda MSX125

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Today’s bike of the day is the Honda MSX125 – or Grom as it’s known overseas. The MSX received a raft of updates in 2017, including a new understated look, transformer style headlights and red calipers, which just make you want to smile.

Although small, it isn’t as cramped as you might expect and unlike a monkey bike, the Grom is mid-sized and can just about be ridden by anyone of any stature. With a 124.9cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine producing 9.6bhp, the bike maxes out at around 60mph – meaning it’s not the best for motorways, but then that isn’t what it was designed for.

When used on the side roads or in the city, the Honda is in its element and is great fun to ride. It’s super agile and you attack every corner as if it were your last. It can reinvigorate the teenage hooligan of years gone by.

Its low top speed also means that you never feel like you’re going to hurt yourself, making it less intimidating to new riders. This little machine has a claimed fuel economy of 185mpg and a cheap price tag, making it great value for money.

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