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Buses in the U.K. could start driving themselves

This bus can drive by itself. The U.K has launched their first self-driving bus trials in Manchester.

Robot delivery cars can bring groceries to your doorstep

This self-driving vehicle brings groceries to your doorstep. It’s called “Nuro” and

Bruder EXP-4, this recreational vehicle is build like a tank

Ready for a little off road trip? This is the Bruderi EXP-4. It is an expedition off roading vehicle.

This solar vehicle is completely built out of recycled plastic

This vehicle drove across Antarctica using solar energy. The ‘Solar Voyager’ is made enti

This technology could make accidents less severe

This roller barrier system could save millions of lives. The system would be used alongside road shou

Video/This spray is giving riders an extra layer of safety

This spray makes you glow in the dark. It makes cycling or running at night much safer. It can be spr

Jenson Button has a race team, and this Honda NSX is its car

Jenson Button has put his name behind a new racing team, and its name and livery recall high points i

Gate Zero Emission Marine produce the first hydrogen fuel cell powered ferry for commercial use in the USA

The Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine company is planning to produce the first hydrogen fuel cell powe

This dash cam has a 360° view of its surroundings

Secure360 Dash Cam from Waylens provides a 360° view of inside and outside of a vehicle. It captures

Video/This road paving machine lays brick like a printer

This road paver lays brick like a printer. It’s made by RP Systems. The roadprinter aligns brick in