Ford-100: history, design, performance

Mariglen 0

Transportation has come some distance since Ford produced the first F-Series pickup truck. Hell, it’s traveled even further distances since the introduction of pickup truck layout. Even though decades upon decades have come and passed, there’s still something desirable about those earlier generations — an almost indescribable luster to a bygone design and era of American production that no longer inhibits the pickup trucks of today.

Underneath the deep, almost pearlescent green paint sits a brand-spanking-new chassis, engine, suspension, brake system, wheels and tires, and electronics package that brings the country work-truck firmly into the 21st century. If Classic Car Studio could throw a .kitchen sink into it as well, it likely would, and somehow, it would make sense.

The heart of this country-bred-truck-gone-uptown is a Ford Performance Boss 302 V-8 engine. According to Classic Car Studios, the lightly worked-over V-8 is good for 345 horsepower and is backed up by a 5-speed Bowler-assembled Tremec TKO manual transmission that rises up from the trucks floorboards. Out back is a Ford 9-inch rear end and each of the truck’s four corners receives RideTech Shocks, Wilwood-sourced brakes — 6-piston calipers at the front, 4-piston at the rear — and ultra-sticky Pirelli P-Zero tires. Connecting everything together, however, is a brand new TCI chassis that can better accommodate the truck’s increased performance statistics.

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