Ford Teases Hybrid Mustang In New Campaign Video

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Ford’s latest advertising campaign is teasing the new hybrid Mustang due out in 2020.

The new campaign is called “Built Ford Proud,” and Ford already has a minute-long advertisement featuring some triple-A Hollywood talent in the form of Bryan Cranston.

The former Breaking Bad star plays a Steve Jobs-style keynote speaker, a US President, a NASA engineer, and finally a futuristic android before several teaser shots pop up. Then Cranston rides off into the desert in a Ford F-150 Raptor while an orchestral version of The Rolling Stone’s “Paint It Black” plays in the background.

Seems a little odd to play a song about depression for an inspiring advertisement, but then again, none of us work in Ford’s media department.About halfway through the video, Cranston is seen at the wheels of a Mustang that just might be the upcoming hybrid pony car we’ve all heard about. There’s a tear-away scene where the Mustang’s innards get lit up like a neon pinball machine, followed up by a front fascia that has a unique lack of grille.

Previously the hybrid Mustang was to be called the Mach 1, but that got a negative reaction from pretty much everyone. Ford has since shelved that name, possibly for a new Mustang trim level.


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