Honda PCX125, a great bike that anyone can buy

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Many riders first experience two wheels by riding a 125 scooter. They’re cheap, practical and fun… and you can ride one with L-plates and a CBT from 17 years old. A scooter can also be a great alternative to commuting on your pride and joy, especially in winter. The Honda PCX125 certainly ticks all the scooter boxes in terms of style, performance and practicality.

The engine is exactly what you’d expect from a 125 scooter, but it is smooth and keen with an excellent throttle response. You also get idle-stop technology to supplement the already impressive 130mpg that Honda claim is possible. In heavy, city traffic, the Honda PCX125 will get you to your destination just as quickly as any superbike, and will be much cheaper, more comfortable and more fun too.

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