Honda S2000 CR and ancient Prelude: The Day of the Manuals

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The statistics are incontrovertible: We Americans don’t want manual transmissions. At least, the majority of we Americans don’t want them. Shifting for yourself — where you step on a clutch pedal, move a lever and then perfectly match the engine speed with the transmission speed — has become something of a lost art here.

Your kids, to the extent that they drive at all, want to drive automatics. Your spouse wants an automatic. Your dog, if he could drive, would want an automatic. It’s easier, simpler and less taxing in the stop-and-slow traffic in which most people suffer nowadays.

But not everybody feels that way. Not the sporty car drivers and the racer wannabes and the guys who get up early to watch Formula whatever and who change their own brake pads. Those guys want and can still get manual transmissions in America. You just have to know where to look.

Honda, thank goodness, offers manual transmissions in the majority of its vehicles. To note that, to celebrate that, Honda held an event just for manual-transmission Hondas and Acuras and the men who love them. And the women.

And they held it right there on Angeles Crest Highway, one of the best roads in Southern California when it comes to shifting for yourself. Because shifting gears is a joy to all. Or at least it should be, dad gummit.

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