An ‘Iconic’ New Ferrari is Set to Land Next Month

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Ferrari has a new product in the pipeline, which will be officially presented on September 17 at a special event held at their headquarters in Maranello. Teased in a special section of their official website that’s normally reserved for those who have at least one Prancing Horse in their collection, this new vehicle is codenamed the Ferrari F176, as per the name of the image.

Now, the actual teaser doesn’t reveal that much, besides the aforementioned unveiling date and ‘Icona Ferrari’ lettering, with ‘icona’ being Italian for ‘icon’. However, we could be looking at a limited run supercar based on a current product, with Motor1 claiming that it might use the 812 Superfast as a starting point.

This mystery Ferrari will debut on September 17th, so stay tuned for full details on as they become available

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