Koenigsegg Agera Successor Shown For The First Time In Teaser Sketch

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This week, Koenigsegg opened a new showroom at Lorbek Luxury Cars in Melbourne, Australia, where it gave prospective customers a first sneak peek of its next hypercar, which will replace the Agera RS.

While the unnamed hypercar won’t be unveiled until the 2019 Geneva Motor Show next March, the teaser sketch confirms it will look a lot different to the Agera and Regera, at least from the rear. It looks much curvier than the Agera and more aggressive than the Regera, particularly around the rear fenders.

With the Agera RS and Regera hybrid both sold out, this new model is the only car Koenigsegg currently has available for order. Little is known about the new model yet, but Christian von Koenigsegg told us it will be more extreme than the Agera RS and Regera at last year’s Geneva Motor Show.

This will be no small feat, considering the Agera RS currently holds the record for the world’s fastest production car. As for the powertrain, the Agera successor will be powered by a lighter and more powerful version of Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo V8. While it won’t be faster than the Regera to 248.5 mph, it will be faster around a track than the hybrid hypercar.

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