Lewis Hamilton is a five-time F1 world champion

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He’s surpassed his racing idol, Ayrton Senna. He’s beaten the great rival of his era, Sebastian Vettel. And now, he’s matched the ‘Godfather’ of Formula 1, the great Juan Manuel Fangio.

Yes, Lewis Hamilton is now a five-time Formula 1 world champion. Five. Time. Champion.

“Honestly, it’s very hard to realise it at the moment,” he said afterwards. “It’s something I dreamed of, but I never in a million years thought I’d be standing here today a five-time world champion. I never knew that was going to happen and I am just so grateful to everyone who has helped me be here.”

All eyes however, were on the driver who finished fourth. By matching Fangio, Hamilton is now the joint second most successful driver of all time, with only Michael Schumacher two titles ahead.

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