Man Refuses To Buy Cheap Bugatti Veyron After Being Driven Into A Lake

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A man with a dream of owning a Bugatti Veyron had to put that dream on hold after finding out it had previously been driven into a lake.

This is a funny story courtesy of VINwiki, the car YouTube channel owned and operated by Ed Bolian. Ed previously worked as a sales director for an exotic car dealership and has always dreamed of owning a Bugatti Veyron. But even as a successful exotic car dealer, old Veyrons in decent condition typically cost around $1 million, which is still a little outside his pay grade.

Recently, he was given a Facebook ad that seemed too good to be true: a Bugatti Veyron on sale for $300,000. That’s a huge discount for such a pricey exotic car, and Ed being the wise former exotic car dealer that he is, knew that something must have been wrong with it. So he did some digging and found out that this particular Veyron has a troubled history.
The owner of the car was a man named Andy House, who became famous roughly two years ago for trying to commit insurance fraud by driving his Bugatti Veyron into the sea. House claimed that he was distracted by a pelican on his insurance claim, but a YouTube video surfaced showing him calmly and deliberately driving into Gulf Bay lagoon.
House doesn’t get away with his scheme and instead winds up in prison for 10 months. The Veyron gets sold to an exotic car dealer who goes out of business before repairs can be completed, and sits partially disassembled the whole time House is in jail. Then the bank repossesses the car, but not until the mechanic doing repairs puts a mechanic lean on it since he still hasn’t been paid for any of the partial repairs that have been done.


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