Tesla Model S logs over 400,000 miles in three years, still going strong

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Tesloop launched in July 2015, and the eHawk was its first car. The service was started by Los Angeles-area teenager Haydn Sonnad, who just wanted his own Model S and needed a way to pay for it. Since then, Tesloop claims to have transported thousands of passengers along routes connecting cities like L.A., Las Vegas, San Diego, and Palm Springs. The company said cars in its fleet average 17,000 miles a month.

Overall, Tesloop estimates that maintenance costs for the eHawk total around $19,000, or $0.05 per mile over the 400,000 miles the car has covered.  Tesloop also maintains eight-year warranties for its cars. It estimates that the eHawk can cover another 600,000 miles before the warranty runs out.

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