Top 15 Hottest Car Show Models

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Girls and cars make a perfect combination. We understand different people have different preferences which is why we scoured the globe in search of the perfect lady who modeled a car in the latest car show held in that particular city. We did this to avoid repeating the same pictures you’ve probably seen before. We are talking of one picture per show so that other cities too can get a chance to showcase their best.

Now, before we get down to the car show and modeling business, allow us to first point out that these gorgeous ladies are no longer known as models, but go by the title “product specialists”, as the phrase “car show model”, has in these politically correct times, been said to be demeaning. Next time you attend a motor show in a city near you, remember that the hot lady standing beside an equally hot car is not a model, but a product specialist. She probably knows more about the car than you do. Many of them have worked for the same company long enough to learn everything worth knowing about cars. What we haven’t yet confirmed is whether the drop-dead-gorgeous beauties are hired for their specialist knowledge about cars or not. Your guess is as good as mine.

To be fair to many people who have specialist knowledge about cars, this article will settle for the best descriptive reference to the beautiful ladies and simply call them Car Show Models. Calling them specialists would actually hurt the feelings of many people who understand plenty more about cars but could not get the high paying job because they had a little pudginess around the waist, some blemish on their face, or any of those physical attributes many consider unattractive. So what do you think car show modeling costs? Well, these beautiful ladies earn $1000 a day, and a host of benefits. Must the girls be strikingly attractive? Of course yes. The company is interested in picking your brains to know what you think about the car. A pretty girl does this job better than anyone else.

15. The September 2015 International Motor Show Held in Frankfurt, Germany

The models were actually the opposite of what you’d expect of German cold stereotypes. They were tall with the right curves in the right places. Their inviting smiles bespoke of a charm that any attendee with the power to buy the car above deserves. They were tastefully dressed in that elegant manner that any Lamborghini customer expects to see.

What the gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars involved

If you are lucky enough to strike a conversation with the beautiful lady, she would tell you that the International Motor Show in Frankfurt is the yardstick by which all the other car shows are measured by. If you took time to count the number of cars on display, you’d realize why the show is regarded as the biggest one on the planet. It is hosted in two different German cities. Frankfurt hosts the vent in odd-numbered years while Hannover is the proud host in the preceding even-numbered years. One of the most interestingly innovative models launched in the show was the 2017 Bentley Bentayga. This is an SUV with a smooth elegant figure. There was also the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Spyder which, as any car lover would admit, gives you a wonderful feeling as you speed past envious folks along the autobahn in a car that they can only dream of.

14. The Canadian International Auto Show Held in Toronto in February 2016

Cars and beautiful women have almost become synonymous in every trade show throughout the car calendar. It’s probably because there is no other more effective way of removing the egg shape of modern cars that enters your mind every time you are viewing a particularly impressive car. The gorgeous lady takes the concept of elegance to another level along the lines of power and hot blooded.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

She would no doubt tell you that the Canadian International Auto Show is the biggest car show in the country. It is where many new models are first introduced in Canada. This year’s major highlight is the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. This is a 4 door sedan that reintroduces the Italian car maker’s foothold in Canada after a 25-year lull. The Quadrifoglio is a muscle car with 505 horsepower and capable of giving the M3 a run for its money despite having a lower price tag.

13. The Tokyo Motor Show, or Auto Salon, held in Chiba, Japan in January 2016

You will be pardoned to mistake the car model for someone from an early version of Fast and Furious. She looks perfectly set for selling tuned Japanese sports cars that featured prominently in car race games and movie franchises such as the Fast and Furious. The race car model is still quite popular among young Japanese as evident in the way the young model is scantily clad. This just goes on to prove that the organizers did a nice job in their choice of models.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

She would definitely tell you that this show is definitely the place to come for modified cars and anything you need to transform any small car into a mean street racer. The modification concept is so well displayed that the Tokyo Auto Salon is ranked high internationally and is even sometimes held in other Asian countries such as Thailand.

12. The Chicago Auto Show held in Chicago USA in February 2016

Well, not really talking about Chicago but why would anyone work hard in life or choose the easy life of crime? Maybe to save some money and invest it in this 2 door sports car and hope the model gets the passenger seat in the process.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

The Chicago Motor Show, as she would probably tell you, is the most hosted car show in the whole of North America. There are over a million attendees of the show each year. It is usually held in a hall so large that car manufacturers often hold concerts and other similar theatrics while introducing their models to give consumers an experience they can never get in any other motor show event. The Dodge Viper displayed above goes to prove that American designers have a thing for building sports cars that are internationally unrivalled. This year’s model (the Viper not the girl, please) comes in a matte exterior finish just to give you a glimpse of the car’s 50 million unique configurations and actually 16,000 paint colors. Its engine modifications have improved power output to 645 horsepower. Ferrari, are you listening?

11. The International Geneva Motor Show held in Geneva Switzerland in March 2016

It is a fact that Germany has the biggest auto show globally, but when it comes to glamour, Switzerland takes the lead. If you don’t believe us, just take a moment to check this model and go online to find out just how beautiful the models hired by this show are. You wouldn’t be mistaken to think the cars are just an afterthought, and an expensive one at that, after you see what is on display in this show.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

For a start, this is one expensive motor show. The super rides featured here are mainly worth a million dollars or more. Switzerland is famous for among other things chocolate, banks, blondes, neutrality, and just about the only place worldwide where all car manufacturers get the same billing. Most countries actually give more emphasis to their local auto manufacturers. All automakers get the same attention here because the Swiss do not even have one of their own. Among the supercars highlighted in this show, this year included the green supercar from Arash, the AF10 hybrid with 2080 bhp, and of course the Bugatti Chiron which almost stole the entire show. It is a hyper car with an engine output of 1500 horsepower and a price tag of “just” $2.8 million. It is guaranteed to become the next top speed holder. Well, those are the cars you find in this show – beautiful, powerful, and pricey.

10. The Indian Auto Expo Held in Delhi, India in February 2016

If you thought hiring just any model for your car makes you a king, you are so wrong. For this show, Jaguar went all the way and got Bollywood’s famous actress, Katrina Kaif, to model for its supercar. Jaguar probably made her a paycheck of $1000 per day and we believe they did get the worth of their money. After all, India is known for its wealthy elites and a middle class with more surplus cash than their counterparts in Western countries. This is mainly because of the country’s high population of very low paid workers.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

This is Asia’s largest car show held every second year. No motor show in Japan or China even comes close. Only Germany is larger internationally. The Delhi Auto Show has really grown to become an international spectacle from its humble beginnings some 30 years ago. It is the place to be when you want to learn more about India’s car industry which includes Jaguar, once a proud British symbol, now owned by Tata Motors of India. In this year’s show, Tata Motors introduced its Jaguar XE sports saloon. It is Jaguar’s first venture into the luxury car market in years. It has a 4-cylinder 178 bhp diesel engine and a very environmentally friendly consumption of fuel. It comes at a bargain base price, but with all the luxury refinements that Jaguar is well known for. It is a car worthy of Katrina Kaif’s introduction as the company has a lot at stake in this ride.

9. The Las Vegas Lowrider Car Show Held in Las Vegas, USA in March 2016

What gives a low rider such a great allure? It is probably the way these models pose, or their dress code. The show is sponsored by a magazine that knows how to maintain its readership and probably applied the same principle in this show. For your information, the show bears the same name as the magazine. If you took time to check the video from this show you’d be amazed by their choice of gorgeous ladies standing besides equally impressive cars.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

Never mind the casinos and buffets Vegas is known for. Lowrider magazine’s auto show symbolizes the true spirit of Las Vegas’ greatness. There were performances by all time greats including Coolio and Digital Underground’s Shock G. The magazine even threw in a bikini contest in true Vegas style. There were many cool lowriders too in the event.

8. Mondial De L’Automobile Held in Paris, France in September 2014

Similar to other car shows held in Europe, the Paris Mondial De L’Automobile is held in alternating years. The last one happened in 2014. In terms of glamour and style, Paris runs neck to neck with Geneva. What would you expect from the City of Lights? The models in the show match images you can only find in the cover of Vogue or ads by Chanel and other renowned fashion houses. Beauty is an integral part of French culture, after all.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

Most of the other international car shows have more cars than this one, but not as many attendees. The last time around, this show saw more than 1.2 million visitors. Well, it’s not hard to understand why many people flock to this show. Manufacturers from all corners of the world debut their cars in this show, from super cars to regular drives for the everyday man and woman. There’ll always be one or two surprises from luxury car manufacturers such as the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 unveiled on this event. It is a hybrid concept 897 HP supercar.

7. The Supercar Roma Auto Show Held in Rome, Italy in October 2015

They are fiery hot and guaranteed to pump up your blood pressure in sheer excitement. We are talking about the predominantly red and fast cars on display here. The car models too have everything to match the sheer beauty and allure of the cars they are selling you.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

If you got close and candid with the gorgeous miss here, she’d tell you that this show is what an Italian car lover’s dreams are made of. Well, it’s not just an Italian affair, as much as we know how much Italians love fast cars, but there are the latest car models from Germany and all over the world. The show is the place to be, especially when you want see how the obsession to go green has taken over the motor world. This is where you see never-exhibited-before 4×4 off-roads that can tackle the beautiful Alps and unpaved terrain with ease. There is everything for everyone, from stunt drivers’ wishing to drift dangerously to race car drivers eyeing the biggest circuits in the world. There are even simulators to give you a feel of the real thing, not to mention a chance to watch stunt drivers performing outside in the external arena.

6. The Bologna Motor Show Held in Bologna, Italy in December 2014

The Bologna Motor Show happens every second year just like other shows in Europe. The last one was held in 2014. Given chance, we could show you all the elegant hot women Italy is known for, but we simply chose this particular photo just because we found them simply irresistible.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

Italians love their small motorcycles, but their cars are great too. This show has a good number of them. Take time to see them at the Ferrari museum which showcases the country’s best rides from the last century to date.

5. The North American International Auto Show Held in Detroit, USA in January 2016

This is not just a show of the best North American cars but a display of the hottest models continental America has to offer. Just take your eyes off this gorgeous lady and check the newest creations from one of the top brands, Mazda. We still can’t get over the fact that Mazda replaced their Zoom, Zoom slogan with this bland statement; Driving Matters. The initial slogan matches well with this car.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

North America is still a leader in the production of great cars, and many of them are launched in this show. The Detroit car show is the most hyped car show in this part of the world. It is not just a show of cars but an event to raise funds for genuine causes. If you want to see the best of American auto industry, just take a look at this Ford GT that was unveiled in this event. It may not feature Ford’s slogan “Have You Driven a Ford Lately” as in the previous model, but it is a real stunner with 600 horsepower and a price tag of “only” $485,000.

4. The Qatar Motor Show Held in Qatar in January 2016

This Audi is flanked by just about every type of person ready to answer your queries. There is the buxom blonde “product specialist”, the conservatively dressed lady, a sharp businessman, and of course his royal highness the sheik. The show really does go a long way to please everyone.

What these good people would have to say about the event and the cars

Well, it is not a big show as the rest. It gets around 100,000 visitors, which is quite impressive in the Middle East. The show caters mainly for the neighboring Gulf States and is renowned for unveiling some of the best cars in the world. Admission is also free.

3. The New York Auto Show Held in New York, USA in March 2016

It is New York and the model pictured here is doing what she is paid to do. She is demonstrating the great features of the SUV displayed here. See how modestly dressed she is. Some may say this goes against the norm of the show, but the car vendor may have chosen this look for a reason.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

If you are a New Yorker, then you know that the Big Apple is the greatest city in the world. It is little wonder that the car makers from all over the world choose this event to unveil their latest creations. Take the exciting Hollywood’s best Toyota Prius Prime. It still has the great looks it had when it was unveiled 5 years ago. The new model gives you an economical 120 mpg, which is actually a 25% improvement from the previous model. That is good news when you live in a city as crowded as NYC.

2. The Moscow International Auto Show Held in Moscow, Russia in August 2014

We all remember this is a country that once had a thriving mail order bride business, but the car model seen here tells a different story. She has beautiful legs and eyes as icy as a Moscow winter in January. She is gorgeous, just like the Honda Accord beside her.

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

Like motor shows in Europe, this one is a biennial event too. The last one occurred in 2014. The show is the place to be if you want to see the latest innovations from Russia including Lada. Car manufacturers from Europe, Asia, and North America are well represented here too. Gas is not cheap in Western Europe so people prefer small cars there, but the Russian car market is similar to the North American market. The latest creations of Accord and Cadillac are usually launched here.

1. The Bangkok International Motor Show Held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2016

This show gave us the most difficult time in selecting a perfect model for this article. Honestly, we may as well have written multiple articles featuring each model from this show for their sheer beauty and elegance. Can anyone be more physically perfect than the girl pictured here? And to think she is just one among many in Bangkok?

What this gorgeous model would have to say about the event and the cars

In our honest opinion, this show is more about women than cars. True, there are cars here, great ones, but unless you live in Thailand, you have a strong reason to attend the next Bangkok International Motor Show.

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to cars and women. Who would you add to the list?