Volkswagen plans to update its logo to something “more colorful”

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Volkswagen is changing. It’s no longer the industrious brand that it was when founded in 1937, instead, it is becoming a more refined and modern company focused on advancing itself through electro mobility. Now, the company’s iconic “VW” logo is undergoing a change to make it “more colorful.”

The automaker’s chief marketing officer, Jochen Sengpieh, confirmed in a press briefing that the company’s new logo would be presented next year. “The big challenge is: How do we get people into the electric world?” said Sengpiehl, “We want people to have fun with us, we need to get more colorful.”

Volkswagen is currently the largest automaker by volume in the world, rivaled closely with Toyota. It’s a household name that nearly every person is familiar with, and has grown with every generation using its iconic “VW” logo pattern so it would be difficult to see the automaker switch to anything else.

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