What The 25 Most Beautiful Women In The World Are Driving Into 2019

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Have you ever wondered why we really care about what people are driving? The truth is, we have better things we should be worrying about, but sometimes we just can’t help but wonder how the world around us gets from A to B.

Add in an element of fame and fortune and that wonder instantly turns into a multi-million dollar industry; one that stalks celebrities every time they leave their houses to make a Starbucks run. No longer are we trying to “keep up with the Joneses” because the “Joneses” can’t even keep up with these Joneses anymore!

Why do we care so much? One answer would be economic stability (and prestige). When the rich and powerful are driving something, it makes it look more secure (and attractive). The other answer is a bit simpler and a bit more fun. Hot stuff! We want to know what hot people drive because…they’re hot! We don’t need another reason!

You’ve heard their names before; you’ve seen them on TV, in movies, sitcoms, and at award ceremonies; but how often do we get a peek into their garages? (We wouldn’t let you in our garage if we were famous!) Usually, we have to get pretty lucky to take a peek at “how they roll!” Well, today happens to be your lucky day! We’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Here are 25 of the most beautiful women on the earth (as selected by you) and the things they’re driving right now (as selected by them)!


Kate Upton was born in St. Joseph, Michigan, but would eventually grow up under the brilliant Florida sunshine. Interestingly, her great grandfather was the co-founder of the Whirlpool Corporation but don’t let that lead you to think she’s just a trust fund baby. Sure, her net worth is north of $20 million but she did that on her own! She’s actually not even in the Whirlpool Family trust! (Thanks, grandpa!) However, it doesn’t really look like she needs any trust funds, by the looks of it.


If you haven’t heard of Candice Swanepoel, many of us haven’t, so don’t worry too much. We’re still trying to figure out how that can happen. She’s been published in dozens of countries’ editorial features and has a working resume as long as the biography of your life would be. Since 2010, she’s been voted as one of FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” four times and was Maxim’s“Hot 100 List” number one pick in 2014! Catch her in her Mercedes 380 SL, when she’s not rocking the SLS AMG (or her Aventador).


This Thousand Oaks, California beauty was destined to be seen. Born in 1992, she was only 14 when she answered a casting call for Ford Models, a decision that would get her signed on the spot. After leaving Ford for another agency, she became Vogue’sModel of the Month for October, but she wasn’t about to stop there. The next modeling agency she’d land would push her into television interviews, Jay-Z videos, and into the big leagues (as if Jay-Z isn’t big league) with Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. How does she roll? In a Jeep, on the low!


Charlotte McKinney’s career may not have started out the way anybody would have planned but she is a pioneering example of unconventional success nonetheless. How big is that success? Well, she may not be the most popular model in the world but she managed to find her way into a burger chain Super Bowl commercial! Remember that “All-Natural” burger ad? (She actually loves them, too!) When she’s not plowing down a grass-fed cow patty on cheat days, she’s indulging herself on the road with her 4-Matic Mercedes. Classy, sure, but horrible to duck the paparazzi in!


Michelle Rodriguez is as loveable as she is spicy but we can’t even see what direction she’s coming from next! Her first role in Girlfight almost didn’t happen. She’d blow up the very next year in The Fast and the Furious—but she almost didn’t get that role either! After mountains of success, fame, and fortune on the big screen, how does this speed junkie roll? In a Prius, of course. We think she looks better in a Ferrari, though (and are pretty convinced she has one stashed somewhere).


She grew up in a racing family; it’s part of her very DNA. Her first car was a 1990 Chevy Camaro, but when asked in, an interview, which car was “the one that got away,” she couldn’t respond retroactively. All of her “ones that got away” were cars she hasn’t even gotten around to owning yet. Although she dreams of 1968 Chargers and 1971 Hemi ‘Cudas, she only has a 1957 Thunderbird, a Camaro, a 1970 Mach 1, a 2006 DB9, and her “baby-friendly” supercharged Range Rover at the moment.


You really only know her name because you know Justin Beiber’s name and you really only know his name because…we don’t know, actually. The kid can sing…but his music is another thing. (Apparently, moaning “baby” 400 times into a microphone is a recipe for success.) But when he blew up, he took her with him. She wised up, bailed, jumped in an X-Series, and has been gold ever since. Justin may have more cars than she does but his idea of a car is a Smart Fortwo with a matte wrap. (Why is he famous again?)


Did she just step in dog doo? No. (We checked.) Why, then, does she always seem to have a sour look on her face when candidly photographed during the course of her normal, private, everyday life? (Could it have something to do with the photographic documentation of the course of her normal, private, everyday life? Naaaah…) But we can assume she doesn’t like to attract attention to herself. Her net worth is just under $30 million and she drives a $42,000 Audi Q5 (and still can’t get any peace and quiet).


Why is she rad? (Do you see that Porsche right there?) If you’re not convinced that she’s a deserving recipient of the Miss Universe designation, get a load: She was a Star Magic member at four, got her first screen credits at the age of six, has been the family breadwinner since she was 11, is a contributing writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and finds acting easier than walking down the runway. Acting isn’t easy so we’re thinking she’s just that good at it (or is a really brave model).


Michelle Keegan is a woman that knows exactly what she wants (that’s usually exactly what she gets, too). The Manchester-born, 31-year-old superstar only went through two auditions before landing her breakthrough role on Coronation Street, a role she’d dump six years later to move on to better things. She maintains a long-distance relationship with hubby Mark Wright (because she wants to) and drives around in this black Range Rover (also because she wants to). She averages more roles than the number of years she’s been acting and was voted FHM’s “Most Attractive Ladyperson on the Planet” in 2015.


This Australian-born bombshell has a list of accolades that would stretch from here to the Southern Hemisphere. For over a decade, she’s been popping up all over shows, sitcoms, and movies—and her career is only picking up steam. Although she looks much better posing next to classic sheet metal (which is always a very becoming picture prop), she chose to take a step in the opposite direction. You can find her promoting Nissan’s new BladeGlider or catch her in the streets in her Ford Mondeo (Fusion).


If Supercar Blondie sounds like a demeaning way to refer to a super car-driving blonde girl in this progressive society we live in, you can write a letter to Alex Hirschi (A.K.A. Supercar Blondie) and tell her yourself. She’ll be sure to note your sentiments. But she probably won’t care. The Australian social media celebrity is renowned for her car videos with over one billion (yes, billion) views and almost five million subscribers. She’s driven just about everything from Ferrari 488 GTBs and all types of McLaren models to AMGs and Lamborghinis.


Whether it’s a Ferrari or Jaguar, when they switch four lanes, it’s tops down, screaming out, “Money ain’t a thing!” If that sounds vaguely familiar to you, you remember Jay-Z’s 1998 hit “Money Ain’t a Thing.” Twenty years later, money really ain’t a thing; he’s worth a half a billion! Beyoncé isn’t far behind him, either, and their combined net worth is nearly $980 million. Whether she’s in her Jeep Wrangler, her million-dollar Rolls-Royce, or anything else in between, you can be sure that 20-year old tune makes them both giggle every time they hear it.


With a $390,000 Aventador, a $200,000 Gallardo, and a $200,000 Bentley Continental GT posted up at the crib, she’s driving into 2019 any way she pleases! When she doesn’t want to drive anywhere, she just leaves everything parked at her $11.8 million dollar Malibu pad that’s so big, you’d think it would have its own zip code. The Queens-raised artist blew up after dropping a few dope mixtapes between 2007 and 2009 that would eventually get her signed with Young Money—and the rest is history!


Many people hate on the Hilton and for good reason; it’s not like she doesn’t earn it sometimes. But we feel that her image has been a bit skewed in a pendulum effect that has never really settled on a “hot or not” verdict. Everybody used to rage about how hot she was, which made the rest of us hate her for no reason (ok…maybe some reasons). The truth is, Paris Hilton can still be really cute but we’d be lying if we said the $400,000 Continental GT didn’t help.


This girl’s got it goin’ on! You may remember her from the smoothly executed choreography of formation driving in her uber-famous M2 promo. The intriguing ad featured $348,000 worth of blue BMWs, gracefully interweaving in and out of each other down a long, straight road. What we couldn’t see from the commercial, however, was the $1.5 million car collection hiding in her garage. In there, you’ll find a $200,000 BMW i8, the $140,000 Range Rover (above), a Ferrari 458, a six-figure Escalade, and even an $80,000 Volvo!


This mid-90s baby began her modeling career when she was 14. She would slowly but surely rise to a net worth of what is calculated to be in the $30 million range by cleverly riding a wave of momentum (and social influence) that’s been nearly impossible to derail. However she got there exactly, she rocks her $50,000 SS Camaro well. Not many details of the car are known since people like this throw stacks on stacks at cars (rather than build them themselves). But the body looks as straight as an arrow (and it’s not a restomod)!


Her real name is Amber Levonchuck and she’s raking in big bucks; the kind of big bucks where you hardly have to try anymore. It was just recently announced that her social media pumps a cool $2 million to her bankroll on an annual basis. So, she did what anybody would do; she bought a $371,000 Rolls Royce. It was allegedly the best birthday present she’d ever received but she bought it for herself so we don’t know if that counts. Either way, when your social media can buy you a 630-hp Wraith every three months, more power to you.


She first popped up in 2004’s Friday Night Lights but we wouldn’t really care about her until Pineapple Express and Never Back Down. Her ride of choice has always been her trusty steed. Getting stolen couldn’t keep the 1968 Mustang away from her; not even Overhaulin’ could keep the two apart for very long. Even the publicised divorce with Johnny Depp was no match for the love of a woman and her stallion. She bought it as what she describes as, “A drivable piece of junk,” but it’s one that she’s never going to part with (overhauled or not)!


You can find this Swiss Army Knife of a personality in modeling campaigns, on TV, and even in the cockpit of a race car! Whether she’s racing in the Gumball 3000 (a 3,000-mile celebrity rally race), on Top Gear in a Suzuki Liana, or in her own Maserati in Pro-Am events, she’s always going somewhere with a sense of purpose, so you’d better stay out of her way! Although she loves cars of all shapes and sizes, the 1,000-mile Mille Miglia endurance race (with a vintage Jaguar XK 120) was the highlight of her driving career.


Amy Macdonald is a loveable singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s been tearing up the charts since her debut album, This is Life. A song from that album (by that same name) would go on to top the charts in six countries, while securing top-ten positions in another 11, selling her over 12 million records in total (which isn’t hard to do, when you release a string of hits!). Her finances allow her to drive around an M3 but it will probably always be in the shadow of one of her Ferraris. She’s owned a 458 Speciale and a 488 GTB, all at the same time!


We watched this international sweet-heart grow up right before our eyes, in an explosive surge of growth that few actresses get to enjoy. Who would have known that Hogwarts was such a fine institution? (Maybe it was the Dragon School she attended when she was five?) She’s always known exactly what she wanted to do since the age of six; and since then, nothing’s been able to stand in her way! You have to be quick to catch this wizard, though, she could be in anything from a blacked-out Range Rover to a silver Prius.


Anne Hathaway is a New York-born actress with a set of pipes that could ignite a stage into musical flurry; she began with small roles on TV series that would eventually land her a lead role in The Princess Diaries in 2001. Since then, her career has been building up to a crescendo of recognition and fame with roles in Brokeback Mountain and The Devil Wears Prada. She was one of the world’s top-earning actresses in 2015 so it’s no surprise that we’d find at least one Porsche in her fleet!


Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty has been hailed as “The 21st Century’s Most Influential Musician” by NPR. She’s dropped an album every year between 2005 and 2012 (excluding 2008) and has had over 60 Billboard Hot 100 hits, 14 of which would climb to the top of the charts! You’ll have to be quick to catch her slippin’ in the streets, though, as she could be in anything from 911 Turbo S to a big, black Suburban (because who doesn’t have a big, black Suburban for the hired muscle?).


This 5’4” Ukranian bombshell may have blown up on That ‘70s Show but she’s had her sights set on stardom for about as long as she’s been in the States (possibly longer). After her 1991 move from Soviet Ukraine, she was enrolled in after-school acting classes. Once discovered by an agent, the rest is history. Being a mommy has changed her perspective on environmental conservation, apparently; we seem to see her more in her $100,000 Tesla than anything else. (Maybe it’s the seating arrangement?)